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Welcome to Egopendium

It's the home of the famous, alive and dead. Full of articles by people who understand what it’s like to be famous for a particular act or talent because they've been there before. They are the egos who didn't die, but passed on.

Unsurprisingly, they have strong views about the famous people they've passed their egos on to. See who’s in the archive.

"IIf a 'burn notice' is an instruction to ignore henceforth all communication and activity of someone previously thought to be acting on your behalf, then I regard myself as one of the first recipients. Because I had championed women's rights before I took office yet addressed other priorities when in government (such as the conflagration being stoked in the name of the Kaiser), Christabel Pankhurst arranged to burn down the house that was being built for me. Burn notices have since become less literal and more common.

In that less venomous spirit, I would like to issue one of my own. In my opinion, nothing that Nicholas Clegg says or does should be seen as supportive of the Liberal cause.  (read more)

Featured article:

Why Lloyd George is issuing a ‘burn notice’ against Nick Clegg

'THE ARCHER PRISM’ by the editor, Will Coe, wins historical fiction section in IndieReader Discovery Awards 2012.

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2011 compilations

The editor has compiled the best of Egopendium 2011 into two free Ebooks, 'Ten women with a past' and 'Twenty men with a past'. You can download them into any available Ebook reading format from Will Coe's Smashwords page.

The Archer Prism, a 2012 award winner

Will Coe has also published 'The Archer Prism: reflecting Sir John Harington', an Enovel in the Egopendium spirit. Instead of looking at a modern life through an historical lens, it uses the prism of a modern life to help an historical figure understand his own. It's an autobiography with a difference.

John Harington, a colourful, controversial character in Elizabethan England, uses the extraordinary literary and political career of Jeffrey Archer to throw light on his own life.

The novel won first prize in the historical fiction category of the IndieReader Discovery Awards 2012, announced in June at Book Expo America.

It's available from the Kindle store to buy (a snip!) or to sample the early chapters. Later chapters can also be sampled from the Ebooks page on this website.

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Nick Clegg after a polling disaster