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Lizbeth Borden assesses Presidential pretender, Sarah Palin

Taking the whacks

There are no angels on earth but if there were one, it would be Sarah Palin. How could you raise five children, clean up the state of Alaska, run for Vice President and be touted by conservative America as its next and first female President, without heavenly wings?

That any woman can do that is hard for me to understand. I come from a time before Jack London had introduced Americans to Alaska as a romantic idea let alone as the 49th state. A time when a woman belonged to her father or her husband but not herself. Everything about her life is beyond my imagination except in one part. I know how she feels.  In a small way, I even think I can offer myself as an example for her to follow. Yes, I have little doubt that Lizbeth Borden can tell Sarah Palin a thing or two about how to take the whacks.

Modern ego:

Sarah Palin

Prima ego:

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden Sarah Palin Lizzie Borden trial jury Katie Couric confronts Sarah Palin on CBS

My trial by jury

Sarah Palin’s trial by CBS

Since me, has there been a woman in America so vilified for what she did not do? The most brutal and disgusting remarks have been made about Sarah's family, her baby’s paternity, her marriage, her motherhood and her behaviour in office. The only thing that I can conceive as more repulsive is to be accused of taking an axe to your stepmother and then coldly waiting for an hour or so until you could do the same to your own father.  In my case, and I firmly believe in Sarah's case too, they were all despicable lies. America should be ashamed of what is done in the name of liberalism and freedom of speech. What Katie Couric and the Columbia Broadcasting System did to Sarah in her Vice-Presidential campaign was as obscenely distorted as my treatment after the New Bedford trial by Mr Hearst's and Mr Pulitzer's yellow press.

The lesson I have to pass on to Sarah is that she will emerge stronger. If you share your truth with God, lies can only hurt, they cannot harm. Hold your head high, look others in the eye and conduct your life as you see fit not as men might see fitting. Be uplifted by the sly looks, the nudges and snide remarks because you are being noticed. I'm sure Sarah already knows this; there is something about her that says she will always be noticed.

What Sarah says should be listened to because it comes from a Christian heart. I tried to be devout and kind throughout my life. Yes, I spoke coldly to my stepmother, harassed my father to move to a bigger house and was harsh to my sister and my friend, Nance, but I was never unmaidenly or deliberately cruel.  I have watched Sarah's life and I know the same is true of her in spite of her swimsuit and gun photographs. And in spite of her remark that "there's plenty of room for all Alaska's animals, right next to the mashed potatoes". I do not share her love of guns and hunting because I am a Yankee not an Alaskan. She may not be kind to animals but all else that she does is for the good of others, isn’t it?.

I know very little about politics because my father did not think it seemly. Were it not for Sarah I would not think it a Christian calling. I love the story of when Sarah was being schooled in how to answer questions on the campaign trail. She was given three answers for each of a range of questions that could be anticipated. Not one of those answers had anything to do with the question. That offended her. She is the only politician I have ever heard who replies to a question with an answer. The truth is very dear to Sarah.

America must listen to Sarah Palin because she has the wisdom to know man is God's creation. And the good sense to admit, "I made a conscious decision to put life in my Creator's hands and trust him as I sought my life's path."

That path has taken her to the Tea Party. A homely name for a movement that wishes to preserve the original good in the United States Constitution. I cannot say whether that will be achieved by reduced government spending, opposition to oppressive taxation, and reduction of both the national debt and the federal budget deficit, but if Sarah Palin says it is so, Americans should believe her.

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Photo:  Sarah Palin, diamondthoughts.com

Photo: Lizzie Borden, prairieghosts.com

Photo: Borden trial, Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Couric & Palin, mediabistro.com

Photo: Belva Lockwood, Wikipedia Commons

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She is such an attractive woman that I almost blush to see her. Red high heels in the Oval Office, worn by a President not by a President's plaything, would make me proud to be a woman.

I remember Belva Lockwood running for President when I was young and thinking, 'What is she doing? That can never happen, we haven't even got the vote'.  

The Nineteenth Amendment gave us the vote a long time ago now and I think it's time that it happened. So, c’mon ladies, get on board Sarah’s ‘One Nation’ bus.

Lizbeth Borden’s opinion was interpreted by Will Coe, May 2011

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Belva Lockwood, Presidential candidate 1884 and 1888

Belva Lockwood, Presidential candidate 1884 and 1888

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